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Getting the most out of Wadadamedia

Once you have joined us and started submitting your broadcasts, the next step is to get more attention to your work. Look around the site, find broadcasters that you like and follow them, if they like your work they will follow you back.

You can also help by Tweeting about your broadcasts on Twitter and using social network sites such as Facebook to spread the word about your content.
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At Wadadamedia it doesn't stop at broadcasting yourself .
Make the best of your time in #Nigeria #1 Social Media Website
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How Do I Earn On My Profile?

Each unique View on your profile Earns You a Point. Your Total points are passed through our Profile Earning Algorithm to Determine the Money Value. With us you Don't waste time online, every time spent can transform to earnings for you.
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WADADAMEDIA makes managing important media related data easy and readily accessible from a user’s profile. The WADADAMEDIA social media website allows users the ability to organize Audio, Video, Forums, Polls, Photos, Blogs, Pages, Files, etc. seamlessly within their profile and make it available on their timeline for their followers to access real-time. Using WADADAMEDIA is simple. Users login into their profile where the web app organizes all the functionality accessible to the user as clickable tabs, users can then create placeholders on their profile for video, audio, blogs, polls, forums, pages, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, picture gallery, events, groups, files, pages etc.
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